Tuesday, March 29, 2016


There is no place like home ... and family!

This sign, on the garage door, greeted us as we arrived home!

We were so excited to see our family!

Macie and Drake!

Hugs felt sooooo good!

Lots of happy smiles and some happy tears too!

Our mission accomplished!

It was so fun to see everyone dressed in a
Norwegian flag T shirt!

The Jone's girls made a fun sign and hung it on the garage door -
telling is many things that we had missed.
We missed that cute family too!

We went straight from the airport to Dad's.

He woke up and I am sure recognized me -
gave me a few sweet pecks on the cheek before
going back to sleep.
He passed away 3 days later.  I'm so grateful
he "waited" for us to get home before passing.
It was a very special and tender experience to
be there with him surrounded by so many family
members who loved and admired him. 

I am grateful for the Gospel Plan - the wonderful 
Plan of Happiness.  I know Dad is with Mom, Deb, 
Jennifer and many other loved ones in a wonderful
Our mission to Norway ended and Dad's new mission,
in the Spirit World, was just beginning.

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